Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Greater Chicago
Breeder's List

The American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Inc., our parent club, recommends the following health testing be done: Heart, Eyes, Hips and Patella exams by the appropriate canine specialists. MRI testing is NOT required and is done at breeder discretion only.
The CKCSC-GC members agree and adhere to the above testing recommendations.

denotes AKC Breeder Of Merit

Jean Babcock, Northview Cavaliers, Spring Valley, IL, (815) 663-1634, [email protected]
Piera Brown, WestGate Cavaliers, Arlington Heights, IL, (847) 533-3380,, [email protected]
Karen Cusick *, Veribas, Woodstock, IL, (847) 740-4913, [email protected]
Meg Hennessey *, Snowood, Marengo, IL, (815) 597-4601,, [email protected]
Barb & Alyssa Kulm*, Toyland Cavaliers, Round Lake, IL, (847) 546-5341 ,, [email protected]
Sondra & Doug Liston, WoodHaven Cavaliers, McHenry, IL, (815) 331-3000,, [email protected]
Karen O'Connor, Inkahoots Cavaliers, Barrington, IL.  (606) 669-7291, [email protected] 
Janina Patkowski, Windkiss Cavaliers, Norridge, IL, (708) 228-7295,, [email protected]
Susan Shidler *, Sevenwoods Cavaliers, Mettawa, IL, (847) 680-0070, [email protected]
Leslee Weiner-Pope *, Huntcrest Labradors and Cavaliers, Grayslake, IL, (847) 546-9293,, [email protected] 

Mary Hanus *, Winterhaven Farms, Arbor Vitae, WI, (715) 358-1983,, [email protected]